Raphael Daibert

hearing from,  gathering with, learning how, writing otherwise


Master's thesis: Lifting the Sky: Practices in Contemporary Brazil to Sustain Worlds Otherwise
Supervised by Hypatia Vourloumis (July, 2020)

How do we become sky lifters? According to the indigenous Yanomami cosmology, two worlds before this world have ended with the falling of the sky. I argue that this world, on the brink of environmental devastation, needs to learn from practices and practitioners that have long dealt with nature in a form that “The Understanding” continuously tries to destroy, to move towards what the Zapatistas defend as “a world of many worlds”. In conversation with decolonial theorists from the Global South and the practices of artists from Brazil, the chapters “Worlding Possibilities” and “Queer Practices as Sky Lifting”, reveal practices beyond the binaries of human and nature and paint the picture of an “ecology of practices.” The end of the one-world world is needed, but the opening towards pluriverse worlds is needed more.


Photos: Carlos Rosillo

The project is based on research related to the sense of belonging. The aim is to create a podcast entitled CotorRadio – an idea that came from a concept developed by the artist around the cotorras (tropical birds surprisingly found also in European cities) – with an ensemble of sounds and voices from the neighbourhood. The intention is to look at these non-human creatures as a way of broadening the interpretations of human reality in a time when narratives of social and minority struggles are being co-opted and misinterpreted by the leading world-wide far right discourses. What other sounds and experiences might be contributed to a collective radio show?
Upcoming project/residency in Barcelona,
organized by Idensitat

Third Space: Disordering the Mess

A collective artistic pedagogical process in the form of a program that unfolds itself in relation and in conversation with the Lenbachhaus Museum's exhibition calendar of activities, especially the Museum Globale project, with a focus on post-colonial criticism and community building relationship beyond the walls of the museum.

Concept building of an artistic pedagogical program at Lenbachhaus Museum in Munich, Germany.


Raphael Daibert       

Raphael Daibert is an independent curator, artist and researcher from Brazil based in Berlin/Amsterdam. He holds a Master's in Art Praxis from the Dutch Art Institute (2018-2020). His work focuses on decolonial projects that attempt to combat the existing forces of oppression.

Photo by Mayra Azzi


2018 - 2020 - Master in Art Praxis Dutch Art Institute - Arnhem, Netherlands
Awarded with Holland Scholarship (2018/2019) and Heij Konijn Fonds (2019/2020) and Schuurman Schimmel Van Outeren Stiching (2019/2020) scholarships

2008 - 2012 – Bachelor in International Relations
Pontifícia Universidade Católica de São Paulo – São Paulo, Brazil


2020 - 11 Berlin Biennale for Contemporary Art - Berlin, Germany
Curatorial Workshop "How to now gather" participant.

2020-ongoing - Lenbachhaus Museum - Munich, Germany
Development of artistic pedagogical program: “Third Space: Disordering the Mess”

2017–2018 - Musagetes
Assistant Editor at ArtsEverywhere.ca

May/2018 - Open Engagement 2018 - New York City, US.
“How can we reframe cultural production working one-on-one with different people?” Lecture at Queens Museum

2013–2018 - Lanchonete.org – São Paulo, Brazil
Founding member and curator of Lanchonete.org, an artist-led cultural platform focused on how people live, work in, and share the contemporary city with the Center of São Paulo as the main outlook. Different programs have been developed inside the platform throughout the years, such as:

Mar/2017 - Dec/2017: Curator of Neighbourhood Museum –
an artistic research within Paim, a street in which despite the increasing exploration of the real estate market, lower income communities still live in three significant modernist buildings. This work led to the creation of a space to celebrate people’s histories, trajectories and encounters inside one of these buildings;

Mar/2016 - Nov/2016: Co-curator of Queer City –
a collective curatorial research that investigates the relationship between queerness and life in the contemporary city.


(upcoming)Jan-Fev/2021 - Idensitat - Barcelona, Spain 
Artist in residency under the European program Sounds of our Cities.

Jun-Aug/2019 - Künstlerhaus Villa Waldberta - Munich, Germany
Invited artist in residency by Landeshauptstadt München Kulturreferat and Lothringer13_Florida art space.

Nov 2018 - TravaLíngua at Casa do Povo - São Paulo, Brazil
TravaLíngua Trans Opera at Casa do Povo throughout two weeks: a joint residency with grupo MEXA as an open process of voice and performance experimentation.

Jan 2018 - Gesturing Towards Decolonial Futures - Vancouver, Canada Study group led by Prof. Vanessa Andreotti, Canada
Research Chair in Race, Inequalities and Global Change at the University of British Columbia

2015 - 2018 - Free Home University – Lecce, Italy
Fellow and community organizer of Free Home University (July & December 2015; May-July 2016; August 2017; June 2018) - an autonomous pedagogical experiment that situates artistic thinking at the center of how we learn.

Aug/2016 - Explode! Residency - São Paulo, Brazil
An immersive gathering of eleven days between artists engaged in thinking and presencing the potentials of peripheral urban bodies.


Nov/2018-Jan/2019 - “Textão” in São Paulo, Brazil
Curation of exhibition at Museu da Diversidade, along with platforms EXPLODE! & Lastro

Oct/2017-Jan/2018 - “Queer City: Stories from São Paulo” in Berlin, Germany

Exhibition at the Schwules Museum, curated by Raphael Daibert/Todd Lanier Lester for Lanchonete.org, José Gabriel Navarro and Kevin Clarke.